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How To Understand The Principles Of Online Slots?

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Online Slots

The most popular type of gambling entertainment in online casinos is video slots. They attract the most attention from customers and bring sites 70% of the profit. There are several common myths regarding online slot machines. For example, that the probability of winning in them is greater or, on the contrary, less than in ordinary ones. How do online slots really work?

What are the slots


The history of slot machines began at the end of the 19th century. Then the first slot was invented, which came into action thanks to the mechanics. Inside it there were three drums with symbols printed on them, they were set in motion with a lever. It is clear that he could not have a system for issuing winnings, or any other automation: the winners were given money by the owners of the halls where these devices were located.

The next generation were electromechanical machines, which worked with the help of engines with a capacity of several horsepower. Such slots began to be used already at the beginning of the 20th century, according to the principle of operation, they did not differ much from the system with a lever – it was just that the electrician now did the mechanical work, giving an impulse to rotate the reels. These machines and their improved versions were used in casinos until the end of the seventies, when the first video slot prototype was created.

Principles of operation of online machines

In mechanical slots, symbols and numbers were also chosen randomly, this is the basis of their action, just like in roulette, a regular deck of cards that act as a randomizer in themselves. In online slot machines, random numbers are generated using special algorithms, which eliminates the possibility of fraud and human intervention. If it was possible to knock on the mechanical device or act on it in some other physical way, then here the system is reliably protected, provided that the slot was created by a trusted supplier. For example, Microgaming, NetEnt or Playtech companies.

Conditions for winning

Online game

Most online slots use reels familiar to players that display the results of the spin on the screen. Each of them contains a number of symbols that appear randomly, generated by a special algorithm. If a row, line, or other conditions are met, the user receives a cash prize. There are several types of slots, depending on the number of reels that are used in the game.

Various symbols and signs can be depicted on them, there are different options, depending on the subject. For example, in the Fruits N Stars slot, these are images of fruits. The amount of winnings depends on the size of the bet and the number of lines in a particular machine, which can be found in the rules of the casino. Also, online slots, unlike their mechanical predecessors, received additional features: Wild, Scatter symbols, free spins, bonus games.

RTP of online slots and variance

There is a concept of payout percentage (Return to Player, RTP), it is written in the program of each online slot and means the percentage of money returned to the player, as well as the casino’s profit. Often, the RTP of popular slots does not fall below 95%, which means that with a long period of play, the casino client will receive exactly 95% of all bets, and the casino itself will have 5%.

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