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What Is the Gambling Vertical for and What Is It?

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What is the gambling vertical?

Gambling vertical, or gambling is the vertical of gambling, casinos. It is very popular among arbitrageurs, as it includes a great demand from the consumer. Excitement and the opportunity to win “free money” is one of the pillars of the modern entertainment industry.

The niche is rightfully considered one of the most profitable. Here, advertisers always offer high payouts, multiple payment models, and usually know how to work with desktop and mobile traffic. However, where there is big money, one should expect high competition. Due to which testing and entry into gambling arbitrage may not be affordable for everyone.

What do gambling offers look like? What is gambling arbitrage?


Gambling offers are online casinos, poker and other virtual casino slots, which are presented in a classic form or as games in desktop or mobile browsers. In some, for example, poker, you need to think and the process itself does not differ from playing at a regular table, and some are essentially ordinary push-button machines, where, in fact, you only need to press the SPIN button. It’s easy and fun to play this. Any gambling games are played for money, so the player will have to make a deposit. Immediately after registration, or by wagering on the bonus “free” money that the casino gives in order to involve the user in the game.

What payment models are there in gambling?

Gambling Vertical

Some of the most popular are the following:

CPL – pay per lead, per registration

The most suitable work model for many affiliates today. Most often, these are gaming offers with registration fees. The bottom line is that the player registers and leaves his data. After that, the lead is considered valid and the advertiser charges you a commission. The main point here is that your traffic is of good quality and suitable for the advertiser (close KPI, more on that later).

CPA – payment for registration

Payment occurs for each player’s deposit. The advertiser sets the amount of the minimum deposit, and as soon as the player deposits money on the balance, you are charged commission. This model is suitable for you if you are generating high-quality solvent traffic, and the offer site itself is adapted to many payment systems and making transactions will not cause headaches for future players.

RevShare – % of casino profit

This scheme is suitable only for experienced ones, and it is not so easy to get access to it. Most likely, you will have to work with ads directly, and not through a CPA network, and even confirm your traffic quality in practice. The essence of this payment model is that the casino shares with you a percentage of the money earned (read the money lost by the player).

But the main catch of this scheme is that most likely you will have to share the losses as well. That is, the amount on your ad balance may decrease if the player wins at the casino and the casino suffers losses. This point should always be clarified before starting to work on the Revshare. It is better to work for a percentage with proven people, otherwise you may be “drawn” such a stat, after which you will lose all desire to engage in arbit

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