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What Is The Most Popular And Interesting Card Game

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Card Game

Black Jack

The competition is between the players and the croupier (intermediary). The player’s task is to collect more points than the dealer, but not more than 21. With more points, a “bust” is announced and the player loses. They play using from 1 to 8 decks. If the dealer has 21 (blackjack) in the first 2 cards, then all players (except those who also have 21) lose. All others remain at their rates.

Players place bets with chips.

There are a number of additional rules, the presence of which may vary (split, double, triple, insurance).

A lot of game options have been created, options:

  • American (basic).
  • European.
  • Blackjack in the open.
  • Spanish 21.
  • Caribbean 21.



counts as one card game that is recognized as an Olympic sport. There are several options for the bridge: rubber (amateur) and sports.

The game involves 2 pairs of players, the pair sits opposite each other. A classic deck of 52 cards is used. One of the players deals cards. In the rubber bridge, the dealers change each other, in the sports bridge, the dealer is only a formality, since all the layouts are prepared in advance.

The task of the players is to collect the most points. To do this, you need to choose the most profitable suit with a trump card, collect a large number of bribes and place an order. In order to choose the suit and the number of bribes, “trading” takes place. The task of the counter-partners is to disrupt the fulfillment of the order of the rivals.

Gin rummy

The game has a Mexican appearance. Participation is from 2 to 4 people, a deck of 52 cards is used. The goal of the game is to lay out cards in as many combinations as possible.

Depending on the number of participants, each receives 7-10 cards. A combination of cards consists of either cards of the same rank or cards of the same suit. Also, for the players, the main thing is to make fewer moves. A turn consists of discarding one card and drawing another from the deck.

The winner of the game receives 75% of the prize fund. The rest is divided among other participants.



The most common game in the former Soviet republics.

A deck of 36 cards is used, 2-6 players take part. The object of the game is to get rid of all the cards. Each player is dealt 6 cards, one of the remaining cards in the deck is revealed and its suit is considered trump. A trump suit can beat off any card of non-trump suits by seniority.

The one who could not get rid of the cards loses. There is also the possibility of a draw in the game.

“Moron” has a couple of options, the most popular are the throw-in and transfer versions of the game.


The name of the game was due to the fact that at the beginning of the game, the cards are arranged in the form of a right triangle. Kerchief – solitaire (card game for 1 person).

A deck of 52 cards is used. The object of the game is to place each suit in a pile in order of seniority: from ace to king.

There are 7 rows of cards in front of the player, in each pile there is 1 more card than in the previous one (very few – 1). Only the top cards are open, other cards need to be opened. Open cards can be shifted and collected, freeing new ones in a similar way. The bottom cards become available when the top cards are removed. Thus, all cards are slowly made available.

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