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The History Of Card Games: How They Became Popular

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Card Games

An excursion into the history of cards

History Of Card Games

Where and when cards and card games appeared, no one knows. The very first mention of maps dates back to the 12th century and is associated with the countries of Asia. China is mentioned, where they played cards with some oblong stripes, India, where the cards were round (!), And Korea. According to other sources, cards allegedly existed in China as early as the 8th century, when some games with sticks were invented, which were later replaced by the predecessors of modern cards – strips of paper with symbols printed on them. There is another version according to which the cards appeared in ancient Egypt.

It is authentically known that maps came to Europe by 1367. More precisely, they appeared in Europe, apparently before that, and by 1367 they were quite widespread, since it was in this year that card games were banned in the city of Bern.

Card games are usually divided into commercial and gambling. 

Commercial games 

They include games that require more or less significant intellectual effort from players (“bridge”, “preference”, “whist”, etc.), and gambling games are games where chance plays a decisive role (“blackjack”, “borax” ). There are other classifications of card games, for example, there are games for discarding cards (“witch”), games for hanging (“fool”), games for collecting tricks (“brisk”), games for scoring tricks (“thousand”) , games for the seniority of combinations (“poker”).

Traditional card games


All this is the so-called traditional card games, known, perhaps, to everyone. After all, literally the whole country plays “fool”, “witch” and “drunkard” in our country (it is curious why the most popular games in our country have exclusively negative names?). But we, of course, are more interested in other card games – board games.

Actually, board games (sometimes also called board-printed games) in Russia include both traditional games with fields, chips and cards, which are designated in the West by the term Board Games (literally – “games with a field”), and games consisting entirely of cards – Card Games (card games). True, recently the terms “board game” and “board card game” can be increasingly found in our country.

Among the table card games, there are also several varieties. These are collectible card games, live card games, regular tabletop card games, deck building card games, and card games in which cards replace figures.

Collectible card games

Collectible Card Games is probably the most famous subspecies of card games. The names of the most successful and popular CCIs in our country – Magic: The Gathering and “Berserk” – are familiar to very, very many. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, because there are a lot of collectible games.

The history of Collectible Card Games originated in the United States of America and goes back to the 19th century. At that time, a new hobby appeared in the United States, which later became traditional – collecting baseball cards. The cards were a piece of cardboard the size of a standard playing card with a photo of one of the famous baseball players, accompanied by a small text about him. The main feature was the methods of distribution of cards – they were packed in small quantities in opaque bags and sold in this form. The buyer had only to open the package and find out what cards he got.

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