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What Is A Betting Scheme And How Does It Differ From A Strategy?

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Betting Scheme

Sports betting is an area in which mathematics and the ability to manage finances play a big role. It is necessary not only to understand sports disciplines and collect information about championships, leagues, clubs. 

Equally important is the observance of strict discipline in the management of the game bank in a tactical and strategic perspective. Sports betting schemes are conditional models of financial management in gambling. They will not provide mandatory winnings, but they will help to avoid an annoying bankroll drain. The use of such schemes is a mandatory skill for a player who plans to make a profit from sports betting at a distance.

Sports betting is a multifaceted activity. To achieve success in betting, it is not enough just to understand the specifics of a particular sports discipline. Systematic thinking, the ability to plan in the short and long term, and implement various mathematical and financial models play an equally important role.

What is a betting scheme and how does it differ from a strategy?


In betting, the categorical apparatus and slang are not precise, and many concepts are used with different meanings. When it comes to the words “strategy” and “scheme”, most often they are considered as synonyms.

But we will draw a dividing line:


Strategy – a long-term betting plan focused on getting a stable profit over a distance. It includes not only a financial and mathematical model, but also analysis of sports events, value betting, statistics analysis and much more.


A scheme is precisely a mathematical model in which the numerical measurement of betting plays a basic role – odds, probabilities, bet amounts.

Obviously, strategy is a broader concept. The betting scheme can be included in one or another strategic plan as a technical, tactical means of achieving short-term goals.

Sports betting schemes are formally divided into two large blocks:

Financial Models

Betting Strategy

They help implement long-term strategies. These are schemes for managing a game bank as an investment in long-distance betting. This includes concepts such as flat, fixed percentage, Kelly criterion, etc.

Tactical schemes

These are different types of catch-up, forks, corridors, etc. Such models are often designed to be successful over multiple wagers. That is, they cannot be called strategies in the general sense. Moreover, to implement many of these schemes, you don’t even need to understand the sport you bet on.

Sports betting charts provide a better understanding of the nature of betting quotes. Understand how the odds of bookmakers are formed, how they reflect the probabilities of outcomes, how they correlate with each other.

Fixed percentage from the bank 

Is when you focus on our own achievements. 

In this scheme, too, everything starts with choosing the bet size, which corresponds to a certain percentage of the initial bankroll – approximately 1-3%. But after calculating the first bet, then we put not the same amount as it was in the flat.

After winning or losing, the pot will change accordingly. Now we take the same percentage of its current size. That is, if the bankroll grows, then the amount of each bet increases. And vice versa.


Fojt is a game for a predetermined bet size, that is:

the player adds some amount to the balance and decides that he will bet 1% of this amount for each bet.

Having made a profit at a distance, he withdraws it and continues to play flat.

The disadvantage here is that it is too conservative. And the plus is that the player is protected from instant bank drain.

Knowing different betting schemes, you can not only protect yourself from losses, but also significantly increase the amount of your winnings.

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